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YTS opens a workshop facility in Mexico
YTS customers can benefit from our new Mexico facility for assembling vehicles closer to destination without compromising YTS professionalism and expertise:

     -  The same high quality product and service 
     -  Lower transportation costs
     -  Shorter delivery schedule

YTS designed and introduced its new demo vehicle
The company designed its first demo vehicle in order to preset to its cosumters and prospects. The vehicle is equipped with various intelligente, command and control and other sofisticated systems.

YTS participated in Security and Defense Exhibition in Mexico
As part of the company cooperation with SYM of Mexico, YTS showcased a new Mobile Digital Forensics Lab.This new vehicle is designed as a mobile facility for downloading, analyzing, formatting and planting mission-critical digital data under forensically-sound conditions.


In the News...

YTS Special operation vehicle participates in the rescue mission of the  trapped workers, during parking garage collapsed in Tel-Aviv
The vehicle is equipped with top of the line systems, combined various technologies that enables the rescue team to operate effectively in the most challenging conditions. For the full article 

“Movie-Style” Surveillance and Operations vehicles - I-HLS

You are standing by a white, shiny, family car. This car looks just like the car next door. You are going past a new SUV, and you look at it yearningly. This is the car you always wanted. But the cars are only identical on the outside. For the full article...

YTS to present its newly surveillance vehicle and miniature hidden video camera in the Intelligenc & Special forces conference.
The Israeli company YTS displayed a white Toyota Corolla it transformed into a covert special ops surveillance car...For the full article