Y.T.S. believes that providing professional, designated training for security officers, technical and operations personnel enhances the success of its products and services, optimizes the functionality of the equipment and maintains the security concept which is the basis of each and every project.
Training our customers' security and technical personnel is crucial for the long term functionality and satisfaction from the solutions and service we design and supply.
Two decades of experience collaborating and training intelligence, security, military and civil law enforcement bodies have led YTS to create an offering of highly specialized and focused training programs for commanding, operational and technical echelons.  These training courses are based on vast numbers of scenarios and answer the majority of solutions in our field of expertize. Additionally, we customize our training programs or tailor special training courses upon request.
YTS' range of multi-level specialized courses is focus on creating a standard and uniform level of knowledge, which contributes to the understanding of the mission and to its success.    

Listening Detection Training
The counter surveillance system, on all its sub-system components, is a sophisticated working tool. The operators have to be fully trained to operate it in order to maximize its potential. Y.T.S. designed a comprehensive two-weeks training program, given by highly professional technical trainers training the customer personnel to be proficient in the operation and functionality of every component.
The program includes an introduction to communications, the frequencies spectrum and from there how to operate the specific system components and how they blend in the entire system to achieve the security goals.