Site Protection

Turnkey Security Package
STEP 1: The survey is the most important step in approaching a site protection project. It will examine all the site characteristics (grounds and buildings) and interview key personnel that will provide the data for a thorough risk analysis.
STEP 2: Designing the security concept based on the survey results and risk analysis:

  • Tailor a security concept based on advanced designated technologies
  • Design the system configuration
  • Design security control system via TCP/IP network
  • Create the command and control room concept
STEP 3: After approval of the concept and plans the YTS team prepares the site for the system implementation and integration of all the security elements into a working network.  
STEP 4: The training and manuals are vital elements in the success of the system's implementation and operation.  YTS experts create on-site, on-the-job training and refresher programs for the security staff that will command and control the security system. These training programs address the security staff's understanding of the systems' concept, an in-depth knowledge of the different elements:
  • On a technician level: A variety of programs for maintaining the equipment and its components.  
  • On the operator Level: Writing work procedures and how to operate and backup the systems for best results.

All system configuration and training programs are backed-up by detailed manuals as well as the manufacturer's operator manuals for the different elements. YTS provides maintenance support to all projects during the run-in period.
In addition, YTS designs and integrates special measures which it develops.