VIP Jammer Vehicle

Radio signal jamming system for the ultimate in VIP protection
Threats to VIP convoys from remote-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIED) pose a real and present danger. Jamming
vehicles mitigate these threats by blocking and disrupting signals that are activated by cellular communications or any other means
of remote signal transmission.
YTS’ VIP Jammer vehicle provides uncompromising VIP protection. The vehicle’s jammers are equipped with
state-of-the-art technology that transmits unique noise signals to create a firewall, effectively neutralizing and
jamming wireless transmissions for remote explosive activation. The jamming equipment aboard the vehicle
is capable of blocking a wide spectrum of radio frequencies and wireless communications from 20MHz up to
6,000MHz sequentially, including HF, VHF, UHF, SHF, cellular networks, satellite communications, GPS and WiFi.

VIP protection for real-world scenarios – Utilizing extensive experience and expert understanding of
the security and intelligence market and challenges, YTS’ VIP Jamming vehicle effectively enhances the
operational efficiency of governments and law enforcement agencies.

Fully customizable jamming technology – As a systems integrator with hands-on expertise, YTS
sources the ideal jamming equipment and delivers a completely tailored solution to meet the operational
needs of the individual customer. The vehicle’s equipment can be manufactured in YTS facilities or on-site
at the client’s premises.

Standalone and safe operation - Featuring an independent energy system for safe operation up to 20
KW, the vehicle includes its own rechargeable battery bank for extended field operation. The vehicle also
features excellent MMI for maximum operational efficiency, comfort and safety with a built-in HVAC system,
and a radiation-free environment for operators.


VIP Jamming vehicle brochure