Mobile Cyber Forensics Lab

Real-time, on site access to digital devices
 The proliferation of smart devices and their increased use in criminal and terror-related activities has created a vital need for digital forensics. Bringing the lab capabilities to the scene enables immediate access to valuable data, providing a strategic advantage that significantly improves the success of any investigation.
YTS Mobile Cyber Forensic Lab is fully-equipped for retrieving, archiving and analyzing data stored on digital devices in real-time. The mobile facility enables rapid downloading, analyzing and formatting of mission critical digital data under forensically-sound conditions. The lab provides first-class facilities for supporting operatives with on-the-scene intelligence and the ability to counteract threats.
The vehicle features a 1m x 1m high-standard “clean room” facility where the forensic team can manipulate
information from any digital source. In order to support the mission in progress, a work station is situated adjacent to the clean room where two to three technicians can analyze and implement the intelligence reports.
Part of the YTS fleet of special operations vehicles, the Mobile Cyber Forensic Lab is built upon 25 years of practical experience in real-life operational scenarios. The vehicle is suitable for a range of applications, including intelligence gathering, as well as investigations for crime, fraud and corruption. YTS vehicles are in use by the Israeli government and security agencies, and by numerous other law enforcement agencies around the world.
Mobility and accessibility – The Mobile Cyber Forensic Lab brings superior technical forensic capabilities to the scene in order to solve cybercrime and document evidence for use in a court of law.
Forensics for multiple digital sources – YTS employs its deep understanding of the security and intelligence markets to design a quality forensic solution that creates secure and trusted results for end users. Data can be manipulated from a broad range of digital sources, including smart-phones, mobile phones, data modems, GPS devices, tablets and more.
Fully customizable cyber forensics solution - As a systems integrator with extensive experience in the field, YTS sources the right technology and equipment for each individual customer, delivering a completely tailored solution. The vehicle’s equipment can be manufactured in YTS facilities or on-site at the client’s premises.


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