Observation & Reconnaissance

For the full spectrum of video surveillance

When comprehensive visual observation is required, the YTS Observation and Reconnaissance Vehicle executes a wide array of video monitoring activities. Built on a 4x4 platform to enable offroad capabilities, the YTS vehicle serves as a mobile observation post for long-range coverage. The vehicle supports real-time cellular and/or satellite dissemination to remote HQ or monitoring units.

The Observation and Reconnaissance Vehicle is equipped with a day/night vision system based on a cooled/uncooled thermal unit mounted on a 15” hydraulic observation mast. Its high-quality extended observation coverage of up to 20km can be tailored to meet the surveillance needs of every customer.

Part of the YTS fleet of special operations vehicles, the Observation and Reconnaissance Vehicle harnesses 25 years of surveillance experience in real-life operational scenarios. The vehicle is suitable for a wide range of applications, including protecting borders, securing critical installations and infrastructures, escorting VIP security convoys, safeguarding large-scale public events, and providing reconnaissance for front-line units on a mission. YTS vehicles are in use by Israeli government and security agencies, and in other law enforcement agencies around the world.



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