Multi-Purpose Intelligence Vehicle

For Highly-complex covert surveillance missions.
YTS's Covert, Multi-Purpose Intelligence Vehicle enables the execution of highly complex surveillance missions. The vehicle serves a dual role as both an advanced intelligence gathering center and as a mobile command and control (C2) hub of operations.

Fitted with sophisticated day/night vision systems, and the option of additional COMINT systems, the vehicle is well equipped to gather and analyze multisource audio-visual intelligence. Data is instantaneously relayed to HQ using the vehicle’s cellular and satellite communications capabilities. Real-time decision-making and
secure communications with field operatives is enabled via the vehicle’s sophisticated command and control equipment.
The Covert, Multi-Purpose Intelligence Vehicle, intended for undercover missions, is unmarked and unidentifiable. It blends easily into urban surroundings.
The vehicle’s exterior is fitted with 4-way covered observation cameras for security of the operation team
The vehicle can be designed for both standalone and unmanned operations. While in standalone mode, the vehicle can eavesdrop on a planted transmitter, cellular interception systems, jam phone communications and communicate with field agents via encrypted radio transmission. When unmanned, the vehicle can perform the same functions controlled via telemetric communications.

The Covert, Multi-Purpose Intelligence Vehicle is part of YTS’ fleet of special operations vehicles, tailored to meet every customer’s strategic and tactical needs. The vehicle can be integrated with Safe-City or C4I systems.
The vehicle has enough energy & space to adopt any additional intelligence subsystems. YTS’ 25 years of experience in real-life scenarios have enabled a practical and proven solution for a range of applications for
military and special police forces, crime prevention and law enforcement. YTS vehicles are in use by the Israeli government and security agencies, as well as other law enforcement agencies around the world.

Discreet surveillance for multiple operational scenarios – YTS harnesses its expert knowledge and experience in the security and intelligence market to design a vehicle that integrates real-time intelligence
and advanced audio-visual capabilities into a single platform. This level of expertise delivers top-notch covert surveillance and C2 capabilities for even the most sensitive missions.
Fully customizable surveillance solution – As a systems integrator with extensive experience in the field, YTS sources the best technology and equipment for each individual customer, delivering a completely tailored solution that can be fully integrated with other C4I systems. The vehicle’s equipment can be manufactured in YTS facilities, and then delivered and installed on-site.
Ergonomic and non-hazardous operation - Functionally designed for complex intelligence missions, the interior provides the team on board with a comfortable and safe work environment. An independent energy system enables extended hours of uninterrupted operations according to the mission requirements.



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