Command, Control, Communication & Surveillance

Special Vehicle for Multi-Purpose Operations
For counter-terrorism and crime prevention, law enforcement agencies must be able to gather critical intelligence and respond in real-time. Special operations vehicles are required for visual and communications intelligence gathering, fully integrated with command and control capabilities.
YTS has a proven track record of defining, engineering and integrating multi- purpose, command and control vehicles. Leveraging years of operational experience, YTS delivers highly advanced vehicles that operate as dual-purpose information gathering and command centers. The vehicles are equipped with state-of-art
audio and visual intelligence equipment, as well as a full range of command and control equipment, enabling real-time decision-making in the field. Information can be transmitted in real-time via a cellular or satellite network. YTS vehicles are operational within the Israeli government and military agencies and Special Forces, as well other law enforcement agencies across the globe.
Relevant for real-world scenarios – YTS vehicles integrate real-time intelligence and command and control capabilities into a single vehicle, effectively enhancing the operational efficiency of governments and law enforcements agencies.
Fully customizable – Using lightweight materials, each vehicle is completely tailored to meet the operational needs of the individual customer. The vehicle’s equipment can be manufactured in YTS facilities, and then delivered and installed on-site.
Standalone operation - Featuring an independent energy system, the vehicle includes its own generator and rechargeable battery bank for extended field operation.
Vehicle Layout - The vehicle’s rear compartment can house up to two people, as well as operating equipment for recording, reception, transmission, and various relays. The front section of the vehicle allows commanders and decision-makers full situational awareness via continuous communication with the ground units, as well as with remote HQ and operatives in the field.



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