For twenty-five years YTS'  vehicles division has been providing security and intelligence markets cutting-edge solutions for gathering intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, based on its vast technological and operational experience.

YTS solutions are effective, essential and exceptionally practical - integrating extensive knowledge in automation, mechanical, electrical and industrial engineering capabilities. 

The company's highly experienced specialists use advance ergonometric, engineering and design tools to create virtual models, provide sophisticated energy solutions, weight and electrical analysis while incorporating state-of-the-art optical and communications systems as well as security and intelligence measuresin each and every model.

YTS is a reputable supplier of a wide array of specifically modeled vehicles for the Israeli defense and security forces as well as international government authorities conforming to stringent international quality, MIL. STD. and vehicle safety standards. All vehicles are tested for stability and breaking.

YTS vehicles are divided into several categories that can be configured for multi-purpose missions:

  • Intelligence
  • Command & Control Vehicles
  • Cellular Listening Vehicles
  • Observationand Reconnaissance Vehicles
  • Jamming
  • Special Operations

Each and every vehicle is designed to ensure that the potential of all its components is maximized, human factor and MMI aspects are considered and the entire vehicle is planned and equipped to answer the underlying security concept and ultimately achieve its goal.

YTS vehicles can be partially or fully covert, with their mission specific elements camouflaged, with the following integrated general features:

  •  Built for silent operation with sufficient sources of independent energy for all integrated operational system.
  •  Installed with the following equipment:

o   Observation equipment including thermal day/night  system;

o   A wide range of radio communication equipment;

o   A range of communication capabilities for transferring audio and visual date to HQ in real time.   

o   Command and Control consoles and operator work stations.

o   Climate control including acoustic and thermal insulation;

  • Ruggedize the vehicle infrastructure, using special materials in order to support and distribute the extra load according to the vehicle weight specifications.
  • Urban deployment or off-road 4x4 capabilities
  • Comfort for long shifts and long distance travel

Thanks to our professional approach and special attention for functionality and aesthetics all interior and exterior additions are meticulously integrated into the vehicle for best operational capabilities.


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