Site Security


The list of government, energy, industrial and corporate assets needing protection from different levels of security threats is steadily increasing. Government authorities and law enforcement bodies are creating task forces to meet Home Land Security challenges, safe city programs, border and infrastructures protection to enable the wellbeing of communities and business. These institutional forces do not cover individual facilities that must focus on protecting their assets, intellectual property and personnel.
Every installation, facility, building or compound requires a different protection solution which will address its specific parameters - the local topography, location, functionality and socio-economic environment.
YTS has two decades of experience tailoring security solutions for a range of critical sites, taking into consideration their unique vulnerability and integrating the security measures smoothly into their daily routine and operation. Projects securing critical sites such as embassies, marine and airports, energy, and diamond mines are projects generally executed on a turnkey project basis to truly succeed.
YTS specializes in a methodological approach starting with a preliminary survey, followed by a risk assessment and moving on to consolidating a multi-layer security concept and networking the various measures into a command and control room to create a most effective shield against intrusion, theft or terrorism.
YTS' unique fingerprint is the quality of integrating first class equipment from major manufacturers with its team's technological expertise and workmanship to maximize the potential and effectiveness of its sound security concept.




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