About us

Real-world experience to solve your security challenges

YTS (Your Total Security) focuses on the design, engineering and integration of special mission vehicles that are completely tailored to their customer’s tactical and strategic requirements.
For over 30 years, YTS has worked with the leading HLS, law enforcement, intelligence, security and military agencies around the world to provide the most innovative and effective solutions in an increasingly complexenvironment. YTS has a proven track record of quality, discretion and superb customer service.

Relevant for a wide range of scenarios
As a manufacturer and integrator of special mission vehicles, YTS’ services and solutions range from highly covert operations to complex and varied security, reconnaissance and intelligence missions.
Although YTS vehicles cannot be distinguished from other cars on the road, they are fitted with sophisticated intelligence and C2 equipment that enables them to effectively execute their missions without arousing suspicion.

Deployed across the globe with a proven track record 
YTS is proud of its long-standing relationship with prestigious Tier-1 customers, in both the government and HLS sectors. Selected customers in Israel include: Israel Ministry of Defense, Israel Defense Force, Israel Police and Border Control, Elbit Systems, Verint Systems, Israel Aircraft Industries, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Intel and Motorola.


Our advantages

  • Highly specialized design, engineering and integration capabilities
  • Industry pioneer with an established track record of more than 30 years
  • Professional team with real-world security experience
  • All our vehicle’s equipment can be manufactured and integrated in YTS facilities, and then delivered and installed on-site
  • A recognized leader within the HLS, security, law enforcement, intelligence, military communities