Cellular Interception Vehicle

Covert and rapidly deployed interception of mobile voice & data

When interception of mobile signals in sensitive security zones is required, the YTS Cellular Interception Vehicle facilitat both passive and active cellular interception of voice and data communication traffc in an area of interest. The YTS solution can be installed on any standard or 4X4 vehicle for highly covert on-the-move cellular interception. The vehicle is inconspicuous in common road traffc, outwardly appearing as a private car, service truck or other car. Camouflaged antennas are easily concealed by the vehicle’s roof rack or spoiler, easily blending into urban surroundings. In rural settings, when covert operations are not required or longer range interception is needed, a pneumatic mast ensures maximum effectiveness.


Features, Options and Add-ons

Available Energy Sources

Special generator with fuel tank Special rechargeable battery bank Special alternator up to 8 KW

  • Special alternator
  • Rechargeable battery bank

RADOM Solution

.Each subsystem protected with a half automatic fuse Design according to the highest safety standard

  • Special antenna lift
  • Undercover satellite antenna on the move