Covert, Multi-Purpose Intelligence Vehicle

YTS’ Covert, Multi-Purpose Intelligence Vehicle enables the execution of highly-complex surveillance missions.

The vehicle serves a dual role as both an advanced intelligence gathering center and as a mobile command and control (C2) hub of operations.
Fitted with sophisticated day/night vision systems, and the option of additional COMINT systems, the vehicle is well equipped to gather and analyze multisource audio-visual intelligence. Data is instantaneously relayed to HQ using the vehicle’s cellular and satellite communications capabilities. Real-time decision-making and
secure communications with feld operatives is enabled via the vehicle’s sophisticated command and control equipment.

Watch our new vehicle for intellignece and observation missions, with its new face recognition and LPR systems.


Features, Options and Add-ons

Available Energy Sources

• Special generator with fuel tank • Special rechargeable battery bank • Special alternator up to 8 kw

  • Special alternator
  • Rechargeable battery bank

RADOM Solution

 Easy and quick operation  Each subsystem protected with a half automatic fuse  Design according to the highest safety standard

  • Special antenna lift
  • Undercover satellite antenna on the move