Our Management has profound operations experience on the one hand and technical know-how on the other.

This unique combination enables our team to translate your security needs into complete security systems.
Answering the needs of our customers, mainly government agencies and law enforcement bodies,
requires ongoing dedication and awareness to developments and innovations in the security market.

Broad range of professional capabilities ‒The YTS team brings a wide range of benefts and advantages into every solution that they offer. YTS vehicles are designed and built to the most demanding quality standards, with extreme attention to detail, including ergonomics, comfort and mobility. They provide complete versatility, a broad knowledge of planning and integration, insights into automation and MMI, as well as mechanical and electrical engineering expertise.

DORON STEMPLER, Co-Founder, Senior Vice President for Global Marketing
"YTS is first and foremost a service organization. Yes, we provide our customers with a variety of products yet, it's our customized solutions and tailor made services that bring success to our clients".

Doron Stempler is an electrical and Electronics Engineer, with a degree from Ben-Gurion University, Israel. From 1968 to 1986 he served in Israel’s Military Intelligence Corps, as Technical and Commanding Officer of various sophisticated intelligence units. In his last military position (1984-1986), as a Lieutenant Colonel, he was Head of the Technical Branch of the Intelligence Observations Department. In addition to his position as Y.T.S. CEO Mr. Stempler is also responsible for Marketing and Business Development.
Mr. Stempler co-founded Y.T.S. in 1987, and since then has been responsible for the design and implementation of dozens of substantial state-of-the-art security projects worldwide. 

TAL BERMAN, Co-Partner, Director
"Sizing the opportunities of tomorrow’s security challenges is our main goal. It means removing any obstacle to expose existing and potential threats. We try to provide our customers solutions that go BEYOND existing products, current services, today's competitors, and existing markets" 

Tal Berman served in a top-secret Special Intelligence Unit of the Israel Defense Forces, where he was responsible for developing and constructing smart electronic intelligence equipment for special missions and field operations.
Mr. Berman co-founded Y.T.S. in 1987, and since then he has been in charge of creating tailor-made security devices for customers around the globe.

ZACHI CHORESH, Chief Technlogies Officer (CTO)
"Our goal at YTS is to give our family of clients the peace of mind with cutting edge security solution, and valuable consultation when needed."

Zachi Choresh is an Electronics Practical Engineer and a graduate of the Senior Executive Management Program at Tel Aviv University. From 1980 to 1989 he was the technical products manager at Sanyo Inc.'s agency in Israel.
In 1989 he founded S.T.S Laboratories, where he held the position of CEO. The firm provided complete technical services and support for a variety of products of major international electronics firms. Since joining Y.T.S. in 1997, Mr. Choresh has applied his vast technological expertise to dozens of security projects worldwide.