Mobile CSI Lab


The proliferation of smart devices and their increased use in criminal and terror related activities has created a vital need for digital forensics. Bringing the lab capabilities to the scene enables immediate access to valuable data, providing a strategic advantage that signifcantly improves the success of any investigation.
YTS Mobile Cyber Forensic Lab is fully-equipped for retrieving, archiving and analyzing data stored on digital devices in real-time. The mobile facility enables rapid downloading, analyzing and formatting of missioncritical digital data under forensically-sound conditions. The lab provides frst-class facilities for supporting operatives with on-the-scene intelligence and the ability to counteract threats.

Features, Options and Add-ons

Available Energy Sources

• Special generator with fuel tank • Special rechargeable battery bank • Special alternator up to 8 kw

  • Special alternator
  • Rechargeable battery bank

RADOM Solution

 Easy and quick operation  Each subsystem protected with a half automatic fuse  Design according to the highest safety standard

  • Special antenna lift
  • Undercover satellite antenna on the move