Observation Vehicle

Panoramic surveillance for comprehensive coverage
When comprehensive visual observation is required, the YTS Observation and Reconnaissance Vehicle executes a wide array of video monitoring activities. Built on a 4x4 platform to enable offroad capabilities, the YTS vehicle serves as a mobile observation post for long-range coverage. The vehicle supports real-time Observation and Reconnaissance Vehicle cellular and/or satellite dissemination to remote HQ or monitoring units.
The Observation and Reconnaissance Vehicle is equipped with a day/night vision system based on a cooled/ uncooled thermal unit mounted on a 15’ hydraulic/electro mechanical mast. Its high-quality extended observation coverage of up to 20km can be tailored to meet the surveillance needs of every customer.

Features, Options and Add-ons

Available Energy Sources

Special generator with fuel tank Special rechargeable battery bank Special alternator up to 8 KW

  • Special alternator
  • Rechargeable battery bank

RADOM Solution

Each subsystem protected with a half automatic fuse Design according to the highest safety standard

  • Special antenna lift
  • Undercover satellite antenna on the move