Remotley Operated - Unmannd

Risk free - No in-vehicle operators required
When comprehensive surveillance is required in hostile or unsafe areas, the YTS Remotely-Operated Surveillance Vehicle delivers interception, intelligence gathering and nearly 360° observation without risk to on-board crew. An important element of an overall surveillance strategy, the vehicle aids intelligence units, police and other security agencies with critical interception and observation capabilities in areas where security personnel may be at risk. Off-site operators control the vehicle’s systems, facilitating the real-time transmission of surveillance data to headquarters or control units.

The Remotely-Operated Surveillance Vehicle is equipped with a range of audio and video sensors, encrypted communication, and advanced day/night observation capabilities for various ranges. Suitable for the most hazardous environments, the vehicle is further secured by a sophisticated system that alerts when the vehicle is compromised in any way.

Features, Options and Add-ons

Available Energy Sources

• Special generator with fuel tank • Special rechargeable battery bank • Special alternator up to 8 kw

  • Special alternator
  • Rechargeable battery bank